The Howard Family goes Hiking!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you make it extra sweet for your loved ones :)

We typically stay in for Valentine's Day and this year is no exception. We'll be cooking up a batch of our favorite meal - a bison and bacon pasta. Yum, yum!

Last Saturday the weather was gorgeous, especially for February, so we took advantage of the weather and took the Bear for a hike.  We headed out to Burgess Falls State Park in Sparta, Tennessee. It's about an hour and a half drive east of Nashville on I-40. The trail is 1.5 miles, roundtrip, and is a great option for families or hikers with pets.

At the entrance of the trail, they have a playground and picnic area that gives a view of the first set of falls.

It's a fairly easy hike and even with it being such a beautiful day, and a packed parking lot, we still had a lot of space on the trail.

About half a mile in, we came across the second set of falls:

 You might have seen this picture on Instagram/Facebook:

Another quarter of a mile and we were at Burgess Falls. This picture doesn't do it justice but take my word that it's a real beauty!

Branch was such a trooper and carried Easton in the Ergo carrier the entire trip.

East was happy just hanging out...

...And taking in the sights. :)

You can also hike down to the bottom of the falls. We took the trail from the overlook area down to the top of the falls.  From there, hikers can take a set of metal stairs to the base. We opted out of that because the metal grates the stairs are made of are pretty rough on Driver's paws.

No fear, we were a very safe distance from the top of the falls!

The weather here in Tennessee quickly turned back to frigid and gross so I'm really glad we took the opportunity to get out and enjoy it.  Hopefully we'll be able to find more weekend outings in the future!

Love y'all!


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