Day 7

Today has been a pretty good day!

First, the nurses let us sleep until 7:30! Wahoo!

We woke up with a special message on the white board.  The early morning blood work came back: Branch's platelet count was up to 5,000! That's an improvement people!

He had another check around noon and we got those results back. STILL AT 5,000! We'll take it! That tells us that his immune system didn't destroy the platelets he received in last night's transfusion. We'll continue to pray and keep our fingers crossed that we see an uptick in the count and can avoid a splenectomy.

Branch is still continuing the new steroid, Prednisone, and had his first dose of Nplate today. Neither have caused any adverse reaction, which is awesome.

We had a couple of visitors today: both my mom and Branch's Aunt Rita dropped in to say hi and then we got to visit with the Bear!

Thank you for bringing him by Gramma!

A big part of today has been focusing on resting so Branch has been napping as much as possible.

B won't have another blood draw until tomorrow morning. Hopefully the count will continue to go up!

Love y'all!


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