10 months!

Where is the time going? Our baby is two short months away from turning ONE! May his first birthday party planning officially commence!

Easton had surgery on his mouth on Tuesday (a week ago) to remove the ranula that reappeared.  He had a much rougher time with this surgery than the last one for whatever reason.  He seems to be improving but the healing process has been a bumpy road. The surgery itself went well and the surgeon hopes the ranula won't come back.

We have lots of cute pictures and I can't wait to share them!

East still loves Daddy's hats!

And bath time!

Problem is, he's always trying to stand up on the edge of the tub, which makes Mama very nervous.

My friend Marcia, her mom, and her baby Claire stopped by our place on their way through Nashville to Knoxville to visit her sister.  Baby Claire is just two weeks older than Easton. It's so fun to see them play and interact!

Later this month, Easton and I will be flying to Tampa to visit my Dad and Stepmom.  I'm a little nervous about flying solo with him so I've been doing a lot of research on how to make it easier.  I came across this little safety device - the Baby B'Air - that keeps the baby secure in your lap during flight (in the event of turbulence). Attached to the back of the vest is a strap that you slip your seat belt through. Easton's ready to go! 

After brunch the other day, we stopped in a toy store where Easton discovered a pint-sized piano.

Kid's got some good posture!

Baby Bear has trouble using sippy cups but can now feed himself with his bottle so I'm not too worried about it. 

He still prefers exploring over playing with toys which makes for a busy Mama!

Solid food was going well before the surgery.  He loves berries, puffs, and turkey meat. We've had trouble getting him to eat solids since the surgery (which is probably contributing to his grumpiness and sleep regression). 

These were all taken before the surgery. You can see the ranula on the right side of his mouth underneath his tongue

In an effort to keep his explorations contained, we had some make-shift barricades put up before we purchased an additional baby gate for downstairs.

Creative parenting ;)

 No more makeshift gate!

Cutie with a booty!

Surgery day started off well! We arrived at 6am for the procedure and he was all smiles!

They put the babies in these cute little pajama sets and give them fun toys and popsicle sticks :)

Post surgery, he woke up disoriented and hoarse (from the breathing tube).

We spent a few hours at the hospital, making sure he could eat.

Weight: 24lbs, 4 oz
Clothing size: 12 - 18 months
Teeth: 2 + 2 (sorta)! He has both front bottom teeth and his top two teeth just cut through!
Level of mobility: He can crawl, climb stairs, pull himself up on anything and can take independent steps with his push-walker
New development milestones: Waving, stair climbing, feeding himself (both bottle and solid foods)
Favorite activity: Trying to eat the dogs' food.
Sleeping: With the exception of this past week, he has been sleeping 7:30pm-7:00am, a 2 hour morning nap, an hour afternoon nap around 2pm and sometimes we can squeeze in another 1-2 hour nap around 5pm. 
Favorite Food: He loves eggs, beans, blackberries, blue berries and turkey meat!
Least Favorite Food:  He wants nothing to do with pureed baby food anymore!
Words?: The only one he really says is Mama! 


  1. Sweet baby boy! I didn't know he was having another surgery. Bless him. Hope he is feeling more like himself and eating better very soon.

    The piano pictures are my favorite. He looks so grown up! Do you have a birthday party theme yet?


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