Day 8

Not too much to report today.

Branch's platelet count creeped up to 6,000, which is better than 5,000 (and a heck of a lot better than 1,000!) but we really need it to get up to 10,000 ASAP if he's going to get to keep that spleen.

He's still feeling good and most of the petechiae (the tiny bruises) that he came into the hospital with have almost completely dissipated.  We still don't get great sleep at night with people coming into the room to take his vitals and draw his blood but we're both getting to nap during the day so that helps :)

I got to spend a few hours with Easton today, both at our house and here at the hospital which is such a blessing.

At this moment in time, we are hate-watching Conservative Messaging for Youth. Hospital life might be getting to us. 

It's time for bed y'all.

Love y'all!


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