Day 9

We had a set back today. Branch's platelet count dropped down to 4,000.  Spleen removal is imminent.

We talked extensively with the surgeon, who is hoping to be able to perform the surgery laparoscopically. It would involve putting his spleen in a bag, chopping it into little pieces and removing everything (ew). The other option is to open Branch up and remove it that way. Both have their pros and cons, but the most important thing is that the surgeon is able to obtain a bag big enough and strong enough to handle the surgery. Unfortunately, the hospital doesn't have the bag he needs on site so he is checking with area hospitals to see if he can get one.

If he is able to get the bag, Branch will be having surgery around 12:30 on Monday. If he can't, it will be pushed back until Wednesday.

Going in laparoscopically will result in an easier recovery and obviously lowers the risk of bleeding.  They will be giving him a platelet transfusion beforehand, have platelets on hand during the surgery, and probably another transfusion after. He'll also receive another medicine that assists with clotting the blood.

Assuming the surgery goes as planned, and he doesn't have to be opened up, Branch will stay in the hospital to recover another couple of days. If he is opened up, he'll be in the hospital for an additional 4-5 days. Either way, it's major abdominal surgery and he'll be moving a little slow for awhile. He won't be able to lift Easton (or anything else heavier than 10 pounds) for 6 weeks, which breaks my heart, but it's important we get this fixed.

Branch can definitely live without a spleen, he'll just be more susceptible to infections (meningitis, pneumonia, and upper respiratory infections especially) so he'll need to be re-vaccintated every 10-15 years. Otherwise, there's a very good chance the ITP will be gone forever and we'll never have to worry about it again.

The best news is, as soon as the spleen is out, his platelet count should bounce back almost immediately.

I'll be making a post tomorrow morning to let y'all know if he is having the surgery tomorrow or Wednesday. Fingers crossed we can get this thing done and everything works out.

Love y'all!


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