What a long day Monday was!

Branch went down to pre-op at 9:40. I got the call at 12:05 that he was in surgery and that I'd be updated in an hour. Family started arriving - his dad, then his mom and sister, then my mom, then eventually his aunt and we even had our friend's mom stop by (thanks again Corabel!). I received a few updates throughout the operation, always the same: "He's stable, I'm not sure how much longer but I'll call you again in an hour,".

Finally at 4:05 I got the call I had been waiting for. It was from the surgeon. Branch was out of surgery and it went great! He was able to remove the spleen laparoscopically and removed an additional nodule that was possibly an accessory spleen. He was very happy with how everything went, although he did say that some blood spilled out of the bag in Branch's abdomen as they were removing it which just meant that Branch would be a little more sore.

It wasn't until 6:25 that we finally got to see him. He was of course groggy but they had the pain controlled and he was awake. The best part, his platelet count was already up to 55,000! He had started the day at 5,000!

He got lots of kisses and gentle pats from family before everyone said their goodbyes (except me obviously) and spent the rest of the evening taking cat naps.

The surgeon stopped by on his way home and was giddy as a school boy! He was so pleased with the success of the surgery and was most excited that his job allows him to help fix people!

I can't say either of us slept very well last night - nurses and techs checked in on Branch all throughout the night and although we have grown accustomed to our daily 5:15am wake up calls, it's still no less fun.

Most exciting part about waking up at 5:15: getting to learn that Branch's spleen count bounced up to 94,000! He was still groggy from the pain meds but they thought it was important to get him out of bed so we walked to the nurses station and back. Soon after, they switched him from Dilaudid to Percocet which has made a huge improvement. He's feeling steadier on his feet and we're walking up and down those halls! He can also have liquids and we expect him to be able to eat solids this afternoon.

I want to thank everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts. Thank you for all the texts, emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages. There is no way we could have made it through this without support from our family and friends (plus the AMAZING nurses and staff at St. Thomas) and I'm so happy that my husband is on his way to a quick recovery.

Love y'all!


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