Walks with Gramma!

Easton is such a lucky little boy to have so many grandparents that love him and care about him!

Every morning when we were in Florida, while I was blissfully sleeping in, my stepmom would wake with East, feed him, put him in his stroller and take him out for a walk. She was kind enough to take pictures so we could document their walks for E :)

The walks outside their condo took them along beautiful sidewalks...

...where everything is blooming and green!

Wouldn't you walk 5 miles every day if you had views like this?

She walked with Easton to Tampa Bay Watch, which is a marine education center.

Easton was fascinated by the aquariums inside!

On a couple of the mornings, especially when the temperature started to rise, they would stop at the Phila Deli for breakfast and to cool off a bit :)

Easton's favorite part of the walking route included a stop at the playground!

He LOVES swinging!

"What, no more pushing??"

One morning, Darlene took Easton to visit the firemen at the local fire station.

Where he got to meet his first fireman!

Apparently Easton really liked it up until they sounded the horn for him. That part made him cry :-/

All throughout the walk, Easton was mesmerized by the geckos, changing shadows and neighborhood dogs that passed by.  We got him a new stroller and he loves to turn around and see who's pushing him!

But in the end, all that walking and exploring wore him out! Nap time for that kid!

Thank you again Gramma for giving me valuable extra hours of sleep and taking Easton to experience so many new and wonderful things!!

Love y'all!


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