To Grandparents' House we Go!

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? We were in Tampa last week, visiting my Dad and Stepmom. I took a ton of pictures so I decided to break it out into a few posts :)

This was Easton's second trip to Florida and my first time flying with him solo. I was pretty nervous beforehand so I spent a lot of time researching flying alone with babies and by the time Tuesday morning rolled around, I felt prepared. Thank goodness for mommy blogs!

Our flight was at 8am so we had to get there pretty early. I wanted Easton to get his wiggles out, so once we were through security, I found an empty gate and let him crawl around. I know, airport carpet is dis-gus-ting but I made sure to wipe his arms and legs down really well.

Like I said, I was super prepared. I had lots of snacks, toys, books, and plenty of extras like an extra lovey, extra outfit for East, extra socks, etc. One thing I didn't pack an extra of was a shirt for me. So when I was inadvertently covered in baby pee, my best option was to buy a Nashville shirt from a souvenir shop.


Fortunately, there were 40 open seats on our flight. I hauled Easton to the back of the plane and we scored ourselves an entire row!

The Bear did very well! No tears, no fussing, and when we hit turbulence, he fell right asleep!

Touch down in Tampa!

Life is a little more low key now that E is in the picture. Our visit consisted of a lot of hanging out, catching up and playing with the baby. I wouldn't have it any other way :)

In honor of our trip, I knew I had to get Bear some sunglasses (especially since his eyes are so sensitive to bright light). He would only wear them for a few minutes at a time, but I think he got a huge kick out of my squeals so he would give a big old grin each time I put them on him!

Tiny Stevie Wonder!

And they're off again!

The first night we went out to sushi. Easton didn't have much in the way of raw fish, but we did let him try a lemon ;)

"So sour!"

"But I can't stop!"

Wednesday consisted of more relaxing. My Dad and I took Easton to the pool. Got to keep my baby's vampire-like skin protected from the sun!

That night, we headed to Downtown St. Petersburg for drinks and dinner.  On the way, Easton kept himself occupied by teaching himself numbers...

We had pre-dinner drinks at this wonderful little wine bar...

But Easton was more interested in the cheese...

...and playing with Grandpa through the window!

Downtown St. Pete is one of my favorite places. They have done such a great job preserving the natural beauty of the waterfront with plenty of open green space and palm trees. 

Should have worn those sunglasses, E!

After checking out the marina, we headed to dinner. It was delicious!

Grandpas are great at teaching grandsons new tricks!

And Grandpas are great for snuggling when grandsons get tired :)

After dinner, we grabbed some gelato. Up until this trip, ice cream was the only thing Easton didn't really care for. I think it was just too cold for him. 

But Easton was more than happy to eat ice cream if Gramma was the one feeding it to him!

After ice cream, even though the sun was still shining, it was high time for Easton to go to bed.

And it was a good thing too. I think Grandpa was about ready to go to bed as well!

I'll try and have the pictures from the rest of the trip up tomorrow!

Love y'all!


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