1 year update!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Easton's party was a success - the weather was nice and we were able to celebrate baby E with some of our closest friends and family!

I don't have all the pictures yet, but here's a sneak preview:

More to come when I get the photos back from the photographer :)
Two weekends ago, we went to Memphis for a quick trip. We had a first birthday party to attend, a visit with my Nana, Aunt and Uncle, and brunch with an old friend/boss from St. Jude and her family. It was short, but we sure packed it in!

My good friend Marcia's baby girl turned one and they had such a sweet party for her! 

We also finally got to meet my friend Drew's baby, Huck, who is 18 months old. He and Easton really enjoyed playing with Claire's toys while she opened her presents :) 

 Amy and I are probably talking about something very important, like nap schedules ;)

We spent Saturday night with my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt is going to be a very good grandmother one day (you better get a move on that Natalie!). She's so good with Easton and he just adores her! She had this cloth highchair from many years ago but none of us could really figure out how to attach it to the chair correctly. Our solution was just to tie all the straps in a haphazard way and stayed close by!
 Easton didn't seem to mind one bit!

The weather has been really nice lately which means less clothes and more walks around our little neighborhood! 

 Kid can't help himself...

I made these little seersucker shorts for Easton last week. They're a great length when he's sitting, but a little long when he is standing. Baby bodies are so hard to tailor to sometimes!

We enrolled Easton in some swim classes, which were kind of a let down.  Even though they were designed for babies 6 months and older, they didn't do much besides getting him used to the water.

Daddy came to watch E's last class :)

Easton belongs to Gymboree, a little play gym near our house.  We go to weekly classes and on the off days, we can stop by for "open gym". It's perfect for a rainy day when Mama just needs to get out of the house!

 Spring time also means Easter and all things bunnies! We took the bear to the most magical little toy store: Philips Toy Mart in Belle Meade. Every spring, they have real live bunnies!

 They were so incredibly soft!

Easton was so excited he peed himself. And peed all over Daddy. It made for a quick exit and a naked drive home for him!

He was worn out by the time we got home :)

After the nap, we went to watch our friend Daniel play hockey.

It's just a rec league and these guys are no professionals, but Easton finds it highly entertaining.

...But he also finds playing in the dogs's water bowls entertaining, so there's that.

Easton still loves eating :)


But bathing -- not so much.

I met up with my friend Carolyn and her son Dylan at a park last week.

Do these two not make the most hilarious shop keeps you've ever seen?

Love y'all!


  1. Oh my gosh, that dessert table looks amazing! Such a tease of a sneak peek...I can't wait to see the photographer's pictures of the party!!
    Pretty jealous that Easton got to pet real live baby bunnies. I took KW to Tractor Supply and really talked up the baby chicks and ducks only to find out when we got there that she couldn't touch them. I've been toying with swim lessons too but after hearing yours were a let down maybe we'll wait one more year.
    I'm so sad we didn't take a picture together while y'all were in Memphis! Happy ONE YEAR to Easton!!!


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