Branch Arrives in Florida!

Branch arrived for the second half of the visit to the Grandparent's house late Thursday evening. I had a terrible stomach bug all Wednesday evening and into Thursday, so we just spend the day hanging out at the house. 

On Friday, I asked that we get some family pictures at the beach. The weather was a little overcast, which was great for Easton (remember how he hates the bright sun in his eyes??), so we headed to Pass-A-Grille for lunch and a stop by the ocean!

These tiny baby sunglasses kill me!

Easton wasn't a fan of the ocean and we didn't stay very long. The water was a bit on the chilly side!

My dad avoided trudging through the sand and kept watch over the shoes and stroller ;)

Pass-A-Grille is one of my all-time favorite spots. It's a tiny little island that is so full of color and charm!

After our outing at the beach, it was time to get home and put our feet up for a spell...

You may remember this chair from the last time we were in Florida:

If not, let me refresh your memory...

Easton in August 2014

What a difference 9 months has made!!

We grabbed dinner at a local restaurant called Billy's. Any place that has Peel-and-Eat shrimp is great by me!

We make kissy noises to get Easton to smile - he just made a kissy face right back!

That's some good water right there!

I sure do love my little family!

Since Dad and Darlene weren't able to make it to Easton's First Birthday Party, we decided we should have a mini party with them to celebrate! Darlene picked an adorable pirate theme and scooped up these adorable pirate hats and patches for everyone!

Little stinker was pinching the back of my arm!

So while you can't really tell from the pictures, unfortunately, I kind of ruined the party. It started when I was getting Easton undressed in the highchair. I tugged too hard on the snap and my hand flew up and popped him in the nose. Tears ensued. 

We got him over that so then it was time for cake and singing! We lit a little candle and I put the cupcake down on the tray so we could sing and I could take a picture. As I was pulling up the camera on my phone, Easton simultaneously reached for the flame, which Branch immediately blew out before Easton could grab, but not before Gramma screamed, which caused more tears. Obvious note to self: don't put a lit flame in reach of a baby. #BadMom

After the tears, he got to eat his cake!

My hero!

The cupcakes were delicious and I'm so glad we got to celebrate with Dad and Darlene!!

After we got cleaned up from the cake and icing, we took Easton down to the pool. We used this little floatie last summer, but it worked much better for him this year. It makes me so anxious for the pool in our neighborhood to open up!

We're trying to teach Easton how to blow bubbles in the water (one of the things he was supposed to learn in that stupid swim class). He preferred to lick the water instead.

Good thing it's a salt water pool!

After the pool, Easton got to enjoy cuddles with Grandpa before taking a much needed nap!

So I have to show you this crib. They rented it from a local place and it is the coolest thing I've ever seen. It's a collapsible wood crib that folds down completely! What a great alternative to a Pack N' Play at the grandparent's house!

After we went to dinner, Dad and Darlene told us to go out and have a couple drinks. We never say no to free babysitting!

What a perfect last evening!

We were really sad to leave Sunday morning. It's always hard saying goodbye :(

After a hearty breakfast, Easton was back down for a nap on the way to the airport. 

I wish I could say that our flight home with E went as well as the flight there but unfortunately, even playing at the airport play area wasn't enough to wear him out!

We were able to get a few minutes of quiet though...

I can hardly believe it's already been a week since we've been home! 

Until next time!

Love y'all!


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