The rest of Gatlinburg

Get ready for a picture overload! Part 2 of the Gatlinburg portion of our vacation begins now....

The back deck on the cabin where at least a few hours were spent

Just relaxing in the cabin, bed-head and all!

This guy found his toes this week and doesn't want to lose them!

We headed into town on the third day of our trip.  First stop was Smokey Mountain Moonshine - the first "legal" brand of moonshine. I must say, it was way better than expected and we purchased two mason jars to take home with us!

In addition to the moonshine, we knew we wanted to bring home some fudge so we stopped by Ole Smokey Candy Kitchen. They make their own taffy, fudge and lots of other sweet treats right there in house. We bought probably a little more than we should have but it was so good we couldn't help ourselves!

Have you ever seen candy apples so red?

We stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Burro Loco (Crazy Donkey) where Easton decided to have his own little dance party!

The next day we headed to Dollywood! I have wanted to go to Dollywood ever since I did a biography project on Dolly in the tenth grade. I think she is amazing, and it's incredible to see how far she has come. We tried to find her actual Tennessee Mountain home located in the backwoods of Locust Ridge but ended up being two gravel roads shy of our destination before we were officially lost.  Good news is, there is a replica at Dollywood:

I also got to check out Dolly's tour bus. This is the bus she put 650,000 miles on from 1994 - 2002:

So excited! Easton was asleep in the stroller so Branch kindly hung out with him while I went inside.

Dolly's bedroom on the bus

One of Dolly's actual wigs! 

When we got back to the cabin from Dollywood, we wanted to unwind a bit before starting to pack up the truck. Not long after we put our feet up, we heard an erratic knocking outside. We peered outside to find two wild turkeys pecking at their own reflection in the chrome bumper of our truck!

Silly turkeys!

Easton was worn out from the day's festivities and went asleep almost immediately. It was a good thing too since we had to get on the road at 2AM! Next stop: Florida!


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