4 months

Y'all. I'm so sorry. I've become such a blogging slacker. You would think with Branch home and not studying for the bar, I would have made all sorts of blog posts (I have a handful in "draft" stage) but I've really taken advantage of the extra help around the house to get a bunch of projects done before we leave for vacation! All that said, be prepared for some picture overload!

Our little Easton bunny turned 4 months old on the 2nd and life keeps getting better every day! He's so much more interactive and really responds to us now! He's still a really happy baby who we've nicknamed our little snuggle bug. He loves hugs and has recently started throwing an arm around our neck and holding on tight. It might be a reflex but it sure makes us feel special :)

Bibs can be fun in the front...

...but are even better as capes!

Sorry for the cruddy iPhone pic - you can barely make it out but he's dreaming about eating.

Last week we had his 4 month checkup. It was my first time going by myself (it was the second day of the Bar exam) and as luck would have it, it was the longest appointment we have ever had. Good news is, Baby Bear is growing big and strong! He's still in the mid 90th percentile for height and head circumference but he dropped a bit in weight (in percentile, not in pounds). 

Poor guy has no idea what's coming:

Exhausted after shots.

Easton bunny still loves sleeping:

With mama's nightgown...

in nothing but socks with his favorite zebra toy...

While sucking his fingers...

Or just straight loungin'...

He also seems to have a pretty good sense of humor :)

On Sunday, we took Easton to meet Branch's Nana. Sadly, she suffers from Alzheimer's so she doesn't remember that she has a great grandson but she enjoyed their visit all the same. I don't think she stopped smiling the entire visit, except to make silly kissy faces at Easton which were returned with a big toothless grin! He absolutely adored her!

He was sleeping when we first arrived

But he was soon awake and ready to play!

The two hit it off really well!

Branch, Easton and Nana

After the visit with Nana, we headed to Branch's parent's house for dinner. His dad even took a refresher course in diaper changing ;)

The biggest milestone we reached this week was Easton had his first solid food!  Upon recommendation from his pediatrician, we decided it was time to introduce solids. I chose avocados first because they require no prep (just mashing) and are so good for you! 

I can't say he loved it, but he definitely didn't hate it. He really just mushed it around in his mouth, with most of it falling out and dribbling down his chin but it's a start!


It was perfect timing for his very own high chair to arrive this week! Thanks again Mimi!

And now, time for the monthly pictures! It sure is hard to get a baby to smile on cue! He'll be smiling all day but when it comes time to whip out the camera, he just gives you a blank stare ;) Here are some of my favorites: 

"Will it ever end Mom?" Answer: No.

Over it!

Love y'all!


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