We made it to Florida!

Holy moly! It was a long drive, but we made it! 

We're officially in Florida! Like I mentioned in the last post, we left at 2 in the morning. It's actually a really nice time to drive, with very few cars on the freeway, and the miles seem to fly by.  We also wanted to disrupt Easton's sleep as little as possible. Since it's basically impossible to keep him awake in the car, we didn't want him to sleep for 11+ hours during the day (and then not sleep at night). We both made sure to be heavily caffeinated and I stayed awake to keep Branch company the entire time he drove. 

It took us a little more than 12 hours - things tend to go a little slower with a baby in tow. 

The rental wasn't going to be ready until 4 so we killed some time at a local beach bar. It was Easton's first time sitting in a high chair!

The heat really knocks him out...

Happy to be in Florida at last!

Our rental is in Hudson, Florida - it's about 2 hours north of Tampa. We're renting out a condo that is the bottom floor of a two-story house on the corner lot of an inlet so we have water views on two sides. It has a large kitchen and living room and a very comfortable bedroom and bath. The owners, Cathy and Ron, are so sweet! They have stocked the condo with anything you could think of! Even an extra propane tank next to the grill!

Ron is a professional landscaper and the backyard is lush and beautiful. There's a little pool, a hot tub, and an outdoor eating area that's all for our use. It is just a little oasis!

The first full day, it poured. I knew it often rained in Florida, especially in the summer by the ocean, but I expected it to pass within an hour or so. Instead, it just kept raining. All. Day. Long. Finally, as the sun was about to set, the clouds parted and we were treated with one of the most beautiful sunsets we've ever seen:

So far, the trip has been really low key. We've been down here a total of three days and it has been a lot of reading, sleeping in, playing with Easton, laying out by the pool, and just general relaxing. 

Pickles is more than happy to join in on the relaxation!

We eat most of our meals outside - E likes to join us :)

Gigi made sure to stock baby E up with a few "Floridian" outfits before we left:

Still infatuated with those toes!

One afternoon, we put Pickles in the pool on Easton's pool float. He was less than amused...

We plan on heading to the beach a little further south tomorrow. Until then, we'll just continue to enjoy the slower pace of life up here :)

Love y'all!


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