Up in the Air

Easton is 12 weeks old and already has his first flight under his belt! Our little guy did amazing! We took four separate flights to get to and from Minneapolis, Minnesota for our friends, Reece & Katie, beautiful wedding.

Our trip to the airport in Nashville was a little rushed - we didn't quite give ourselves enough time and of course when we arrived, both the check-in lines and the TSA security lines were the longest we've ever seen them! Fortunately, we made it to the gate on time and even scored a whole row to ourselves! Per usual, Easton spent the whole flight sleeping! Nothing to worry about here!

We made a connection in Kansas City and unfortunately were unable to get seats next to each other. Branch was a champ and held Easton the entire time while I sat a few rows back in the back of the plane. While it wasn't ideal, he slept until we landed. We grabbed all our bags (Dang! Who knew traveling with kids requires so much stuff!?), and made our way to the light rail. Easton had a late lunch on the train and we went straight to the hotel where my Stepmom was waiting for us.

First of all, can I just say what a great city Minneapolis is? It's beautiful, clean, and has great public transportation! I hear it's pretty awful in the winter but it was a great place to visit in June!

Back to the trip! We arrived at The Hotel Minneapolis where Darlene was waiting for us. She was in town for business Monday and Tuesday and graciously offered to stay through the weekend so she could watch Easton while we enjoyed the wedding festivities. It was so great getting to see her and I know Easton enjoyed their time together :)

Thursday night was the rehearsal dinner at Adan's which is owned by the bride's grandfather. The food was great and the company was even better!

And then there were selfies...

...so many selfies.

On Friday, Branch did groomsmen things and I hopped back on the train to go to the Mall of America. Holy cow.

The indoor roller coaster

The enormous Lego statues

After the mall it was time to get ready for the wedding. I'd like to take a brief second to share these adorable pictures from the evening:

Bow tie or no tie!

My handsome men!

Soooo you might notice E had an outfit change. Towards the end of the ceremony, Easton had a bit of gas. Or, at least we thought it was gas. Without getting into the details, it was definitely more than gas. Good thing we packed a spare outfit! 

After the cocktail hour, Darlene took Easton back to the hotel so the two could have a "date night" ;) It was all smiles for this guy!

Big thanks again to Darlene for extending her trip so she could help out with Easton! We really got to enjoy spending time with our friends, dancing and eating copious amounts of fried food, and it was only because we knew our baby was in good hands :)

Our two plane rides home the next day went smoothly, although I can't say the same for our bags which didn't make it to our house until the following day...

ET phone home

We had so much fun at the wedding and it was so great to celebrate Katie & Reece. Congratulations again to this beautiful couple! Y'all are amazing folks and even more amazing together!


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