Weekend Happenings

What a weekend we had!

On Friday, we took Easton to Hattie B's for his first "hot chicken" experience.

Easton had the special of the day: milk ;)

On Saturday, we woke up and cleaned out the cars. After that, we decided to play tourist and headed to Marathon Motorworks to checkout Antique Archaeology (the shop featured on History Channel's American Pickers). The shop was on the smaller side but packed with interesting finds that Mike has "picked" over the years. 

Saturday night, our good friends Andrew and Patty Mills came over for dinner. We sat outside and ate grilled chicken, gazpacho and sipped on bourbon lemonade while trying to fend off the man-eating mosquitos!

It was Patty's first time meeting Easton and it seemed like everyone got along great :)

Sunday was Father's Day and we started the day by getting bagels from Star Bagel, a local breakfast place a few blocks down from our house.

At noon, Branch and his dad headed out to the golf course. It was a beautiful day so I know they enjoyed it! While they were out, I worked on trimming back the hedges in the front yard (more on that later) while Baby E took a nap.

When he woke up it was time to play!  I decided it was time for that little tush to get some fresh air so I stripped him down to his birthday suit for tummy time!

When playtime was over, it was just about time to get ready for dinner and this little stinker needed a bath!

We went over to Branch's parents for dinner and enjoyed steaks, the best fried green tomatoes and a delicious homemade pie!

On Monday, my Aunt and Uncle came over for dinner. It was their first time meeting Easton and my Aunt was smitten! I don't think she put him down once!

He seemed pretty smitten with her too!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun for Father's Day?

Love y'all!


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