11 weeks!

Our big boy is 11 weeks old and bless his heart he's recovering from his first cold! No fever, thank goodness, but he's pretty congested. He spent all day napping yesterday and the few minutes he was awake, he just wanted to be fed and held.

We took him to the doctor yesterday for his 10 week checkup and round of vaccines. While watching him getting shots isn't ever fun we love the checkups because it means we get to find out how much he has grown!

Poor guy has no idea what's coming!

The stats are in and here's how he holds up: Weight 15lbs, 14oz (94th percentile), height 25" (96th percentile) and now for head circumference. Drumroll please....

...44.5 cm.

 >99th percentile.

That's literally what the nurse wrote down.

So bless all you sweet people who continue to tell me my child doesn't have a large head, because apparently he does. It's just a darn good thing he's big all over so it's not that noticeable!

Love y'all!


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