Graduation 2014

After 3 years, 2 states, 4 apartments and a baby, we did it! Branch graduated law school! I couldn't be a more proud wife!

Branch graduated with honors! 

Branch's dad, Bryan, got to be the one to hood Branch so he, Easton, that anonymous creeper in the background and I sat together in the "hooder" section. 

Such a good Papa to block baby E from the sun :)

As a way of honoring the students' families, Emory allows students to carry their children as they walk across the stage to accept their diploma. Not only did Branch receive a diploma, but they honored baby E with his own tiny version of a diploma as well!

Bryan, Branch and Easton just after he was hooded!

Three generations of Howard men!

I am beyond proud of my husband. He worked so hard to earn this degree and he did it all while still being an outstanding husband and now father.  While we were originally told that law school would put stress on our relationship we both found that we only came out of it stronger.

Tomorrow we make our final trip up to Nashville to start the next chapter of our life and I can't wait to get started!


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