Ouchies. Shots are the worst!

Easton had his 6 week shots today - TDAP (Tetanus/Diptheria/Whooping cough) and IPV (Polio) and baby bear is not a happy camper! He is the fussiest he has ever been and we literally can't put him down without him starting to scream. The poor little guy doesn't feel good and just wants to cuddle.

Fortunately, I am more than willing to oblige and we've spent the afternoon snuggling on the couch binging on DIY shows :)

Easton has gained a pound each week since his last appointment and is now weighing in at 13lbs 10oz (94th percentile). He didn't grow in length (still 23.25") but his head circumference increased to 40cm (92nd percentile). His baby acne has cleared but now he's left with some pretty dry cheeks - the doctor recommended Aquaphor so we're going to start trying that.

Hopefully a good night of rest will get our little man back to 100% and feeling better in no time!


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