1 month old!

Holy cow! Moving has sure gotten us behind! And moving with a newborn seems to take twice the time! Easton turned one month old last week! My goodness, has time flown!

Easton still loves to sleep most of the day but he's definitely spending more time awake throughout the day (and less time awake at night!!!).

He continues to grow and is almost out of his bassinet and into the crib. We haven't had a chance to finish the nursery yet but we hope to have everything done by next week.

He is currently wearing 3-6 months clothes and we're wondering how long he's going to stay in this size! We also started cloth diapering this week and so far so good! He is still sleeping in disposables but he's in cloth all day long - they are just too cute!

1 month also marked his first "monthly" picture. I probably shouldn't have waited until right before his bed time to take these but I was exhausted as well and just wanted to get them taken on the right day!

Not happy.

This would be easier if he could support himself...

Uh oh! We're losing balance!

I guess this is the best we can do!

We're headed back to Atlanta this weekend for Branch's graduation. I'll try to get back into a regular schedule next week when we've made a little more progress on the house!


  1. 1) He's precious, as always.
    2) You'll learn soon that no one will ever know if the pictures aren't taken on the exact right day. :)
    3) Did you say house? As in, not an apartment?


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