It's been a hard day's night...

And the sleep deprivation continues... It'll probably be another week or two before we can make any progress towards getting him to sleep through the night. Until then, Branch and I take shifts staying up with him so the other person can rest.  We've been able to piece together 2-3 hours here or there throughout the day - and it's amazing that the human body can continue to function!

Even Driver can't keep his eyes open!

Oh, why can't he sleep this well at night?

Today we took Easton to his first outdoor "festival" today. It was a beautiful afternoon and the law school was holding a family function so we packed up the stroller and headed down! Of course Baby E spent the whole time sleeping ;)

Happy Spring! We love this outfit he received from his G'ma!

There are those beautiful blue eyes!

The grandparents came down to visit this week and everyone seems to be just as in love with our little man as we are! It's been great getting to share him with family (and score some home cooked meals as well!).

Love y'all!


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