First week at home is in the books!

Happy Sunday everyone!

We've officially had Baby E at home with us for 8 whole days and what a week it has been!  He changes little by little every day and we're doing our best to absorb each moment (and take lots of pictures!)

Yesterday, we celebrated his 1 week at home with my first solo trip to Target. As per usual, he slept the entire time, even while I had him try on teeny tiny baby hats :)

Still too big!

We sent Pickles back to Nashville with my mom for a few weeks. He needs more attention that we were able to provide with Easton being so little so I'm glad he's getting all the head scratching he needs up North ;)

Driver on the other hand loves having Baby E around which came as such a surprise! Driver typically shies away from children but has been very curious about Easton from the start. He's very gentle and respectful around him and I'm sure the two will be thick as thieves as Easton grows older.

Well I hope everybody has a great week! It's Game of Thrones time!

Love y'all!


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