In the Bahamas - Branch turns 30!

It's hard to believe, since the last time we were in the Bahamas we were babies getting married, but my dear sweet husband is 30! I don't think that makes him an old man by any means, but it is still a wonderful milestone to celebrate :)

Our days in the Bahamas all looked pretty similar:

  • Wake up
  • Eat breakfast with Easton
  • Check out the fish tanks (Seriously, we did this every day for 30-45 minutes and would almost always have to drag him away in tears. He couldn't get enough of those fish!)
  • Let Easton run around the resort to burn off some energy/feed him lunch
  • Head back to the rooms to meet Ms. Althea - she'd babysit for ~3 hours
  • During that time, Branch and I would head back down to one of the pools to relax, read, have lunch and enjoy each other's company :)
  • Relieve Ms. Althea, grab Easton to join up with Gigi at the pool!
  • Take Easton to dinner at a kid friendly restaurant
  • Head back to the room to clean up/get Easton in jammies 
  • Ms. Althea comes back for the night shift and the three adults head back down for a delicious dinner and Blackjack
I mean, does it get any better than that!? We literally never left the resort and it was heaven!

I treated Branch to a round of golf at the Ocean Club on his birthday, which is a country club just down the beach from Atlantis. I don't golf, but I love to ride along in the cart (and drink some beers) and as you will soon see, this course is definitely worth the ride!

 View from the Clubhouse

The first 9 holes are particularly beautiful as they follow the water.

The back 9 isn't too shabby either ;)

 Yep, just walkin' on the beach while the hubby plays golf!

 I made him pose like this ;)

I know it was a gift for Branch's birthday but it really was such a treat for both of us!

For dinner the last night, which was Branch's birthday night, we went to Seafire Steakhouse, which is also where we had dinner the night we got married :)

Ah, sweet vacation. Is it time to go back yet!?

As amazing/incredible/relaxing/fun-filled the vacation was, our flights home left little to be desired. Easton went the whole day without napping, tried repeatedly to bust out of his seat, thought it was hilarious to scream at the top of his lungs ON. THE. PLANE. and then our flight was delayed getting back to Nashville making an already long layover, even longer. Bleck!

 Can we be home yet? Please??

But!! We made it! And it was all worth it because it was definitely a wonderful week for the whole family and definitely one that we'll never forget!

Until next time!

Love y'all!


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