In the Bahamas - pt. 1

SO behind. So very behind! Branch is now 30 years and 1 month old, so it seems appropriate to fill y'all in with what we were doing exactly a month ago today! I have a ton of pictures to share so I'm going to split the trip into two posts...

For Branch's 30th birthday, his mom, Jane (aka Gigi) treated us to a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate! It was our first time traveling internationally with Easton so I have to admit, I came in my expectations low, but we had a really great trip! 

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights so we had to connect through the Charlotte airport. It wasn't terrible. Easton was amazing on the first flight and watched Paw Patrol on the iPad the entire time. We had a bit of a layover in Charlotte where we worked hard to keep him entertained and the flight from Charlotte to Nassau went pretty smoothly.

He even got a bit of a nap in!

All in all, it was a long day for a little guy but he did a great job! 

We stayed at Atlantis again, which is the resort where we got married 6 years ago! 

It's a huge resort with lots of pools and restaurants as well as tons of fish tanks and areas for Easton to explore. We had no problem keeping our active toddler entertained!

We spent a lot of time at the kid's pool which is a massive jungle gym structure set in a wading pool.

In addition to slides, they had all sorts of ways to children to play with and manipulate the water. 

But even mommy's have to take a break from the fun sometimes!

Good thing there are Daddy's and Gigi's to keep East entertained!

Easton and Gigi!

Easton is such a little fish! He loves the water and with the help of his floaties, was able to make his way around the pool with ease. He also loves flopping down in the water on his belly. We'll be enrolling him in swim lessons next year for sure!

Easton was fascinated with the enormous fish tanks that are visible throughout the resort. Every day, he requested we see the "fish on water"! 

The resort stretches along a beautifully manicured private beach, but honestly, we're just not beach people. One morning, we packed everything up, headed down and spent all of 5 minutes in the sand before heading back up the stairs, and back into a pool ;)

Just enough time to get a few pictures!

One fun moment was when we got to show Easton the spot where we got married. 

And now!

One of my concerns going down there was how we were going to keep Easton entertained in a hotel room. We brought down as many small toys as we could, and I even brought some brand new toys thinking they would provide extra entertainment since he had never seen them before.  Kids are ingenious though. He made train tracks out of the sliding glass door track...

Annnnnd his head!

Luckily, not all of our time was spent with Easton :) The hotel has amazing babysitters on staff and we were lucky enough to be paired up with a wonderful woman named Ms. Althea who watched Easton every day for a few hours so we could get away and enjoy some adult-only time :)  

The not so lazy, lazy river - this bad boy has some big rapids!

Branch came in second place in a pool side corn hole tournament!

More to come!

Love y'all!


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