July 2016

July was a big month for us! In addition to celebrating the holiday weekend and traveling at the end of the month, we still had to fill our days to keep our busy two year old happy and entertained! I made an impromptu day trip to Atlanta, we spent many days trying to beat the heat at the Y and I even got a few rides in. Let's get started!

It has been such a blessing to get back out to the barn again. I'm still out of riding shape and definitely not able to ride as much as I used to pre-husband and child but grabbing a couple of hours at the barn a couple of days a week has just been good for my soul - even in the crushing heat and humidity!

Love this view!

I had been riding my mother-in-law's horse when the owner of the barn where he is boarded brought in a new horse and offered to let me ride him. His name is Duke and he's an off the track thoroughbred just like my last horse. He's a wonderful mover with a HUGE canter and I smile from ear to ear the whole time I ride him!

He's currently healing a hoof abscess, but I can't wait to get back out there! 

We had a pretty low key Fourth of July since Easton's bed time prevents us from making it up until fireworks. During the day, we went to the Hot Chicken Festival in East Nashville to meet up with a friend and before the festival started, we were treated to a firetruck parade! One of Easton's current obsessions are firetrucks so we knew he would enjoy it!

That evening, Papa (Branch's Dad) came over for dinner and story time.

As East continues to age, he acts more and more like a little man and less like a little baby! The time is sure flying!

So like I said, I had to make an impromptu day trip to Atlanta. And by day trip, I mean I was literally there for an hour. Like I said, we were gifted an awesome trip to go to the Bahamas with Easton. We made the decision kind of last minute and it didn't really dawn on us until early July that we needed a passport for Easton - with 3 weeks left to go! Not only did we need a passport, we needed his birth certificate. For whatever reason, you don't get a copy automatically when the child is born in Georgia. 

We first tried to order an expedited copy of the birth certificate from the state. We waited a week and it still wasn't here. We had an appointment with the Nashville Passport Agency on Friday so I had no choice but to hop in my car early Thursday morning and make the roundtrip 8 hour drive to pick up a copy of his birth certificate in person.

While I miss the people, and my old job, I do NOT miss Atlanta!

Fortunately, Easton had camp on Thursday but camp only went from 9:30am - 2:30pm and Branch was still responsible for Easton before and after.

Needless to say, it was a bit of a challenge...
Daddy trying to get work done with Easton in tow after camp

The result of an ice cream sandwich used to entice a smile from Easton while getting his passport photo taken.

The good news is, we got it in, had the passport expedited to us and obviously, we were all able to make it on the trip, but dang was it difficult getting it to that point! Fun fact: the copy of Easton's birth certificate that we ordered STILL hasn't arrived by mail. So much for expedited!

We made many many trips to the pool in July and have a pretty great system worked out. We arrive and I drop Easton off at Y Play, which is their free childcare. I take an hour to myself to recharge, read, swim, etc. Then I grab Easton and we head into the pool together for about another hour. The result is a happy baby and a happy mommy!

There were a couple times in July when we were able to meet Mimi at the Y.  As you can see, swimming can really wear him out!

We try to take Easton and the dogs to the neighborhood elementary school every day to let the dogs run around (they have a large fenced in play area) and let Easton play on the slides.

One Saturday morning proved to be too hot for all of us...

My friend Marcia and her daughter Claire stopped by one morning on their way from Memphis to Knoxville. It's become a bit of a tradition for them to make a stop at their halfway point (her sister lives in Knoxville so she makes the drive a couple of times a year). Easton and Claire are the same age so it gives them a chance to run around and burn off some energy and Marcia and I a chance to get caught up. 

I can't believe how big they are getting!!

I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world to get to spend my days hanging out with my little buddy. He's such a silly little guy!

I should mention though, life isn't always giggles and smiles...

But I sure wouldn't change it for anything!

I'll  be back soon with a recap of our recent travels!

Love y'all!


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