Summer Summary

Summer is off to a great start at the Howard house! I was a little worried because Easton's "preschool" is over and I wasn't sure how we would keep ourselves entertained with all the extra hours in the week. Fortunately, it hasn't been much of an issue!

So far, our summer has consisted of many trips to the pool...

We're lucky to be members of the Nashville YMCA's which all have amazing pools. You can find us at one of the Y pools 3-4 days a week!

Plus, lot of hours logged in our plastic pool at home.

When summer first began, Easton was unsure of the water, even though we had spent so much time in it. Getting him a kiddie pool got him comfortable again in a matter of minutes. Now we can't get him out of it!

Morning rides (Easton goes to drop in daycare)

I've been lucky enough to get to ride my mother-in-law's horse 2-3 days a week. The barn where she keeps him is in the heart of Brentwood and sits on 660 acres of rolling green pastures. I couldn't be happier :) 

Allllll the work on the house we've been doing, plus taking the time to enjoy the new views :)

Which has resulted in countless trips to Home Depot and Lowes!

I love me some front porch sittin'

My first time getting to garden in the backyard!


Getting closer!

Excited for some homegrown heirloom tomatoes!

Evening walks around the neighborhood...
Sometime's we make a stop at the local ice cream place for a chocolate covered banana!

Pool parties with friends!

The Dads are working hard to put together the splash table!

Easton has Summer "camp" at his old preschool for 2 days a week, for four weeks, starting soon and even though it's been great to have him home all the time, I'm looking forward to having a couple of hours  each week to get errands done without baby in tow!

Love y'all!


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