Dinner is Coming - Another Themed Dinner!

In honor of the season finale of our favorite show, Game of Thrones, we hosted another themed dinner party! We had 3 of our favorite couples, and fellow fans, over for a feast before settling down on the couch to watch the show!
I should have done a better job taking pictures, but I was too busy making sure the food was served on time and that everyone had a drink in hand before sitting down for dinner :)  If you watch the show, hopefully the names of the dishes will make sense!

Place cards for our guests

Appetizers included The Imp Shrimp Cocktail, Dragon Wings (Buffalo Wings) and Highgarden Hummus. 

We had gazpacho, topped with fresh green bell pepper grown in my mother-in-law's garden:

Seven Blessings Stew

and a basic Caesar Salad.
 Cersei Salad

Trying to stick with a medieval menu, we made sure that we were heavy on the meat! We had both flank steak, expertly prepared and grilled by Branch...

 Flayed Man Steak

....And grilled chicken breast.

 Aptly named, Gratuitous Boobs

As we did in the first Game of Thrones dinner, we had Jon Snow Peas, named after a beloved character. 

For dessert, we had Red Wedding Cake (red velvet cupcakes) as well as a plate of The Unsullied (Teddy Grahams) with Danaery's Dip (Dunkaroo dip!). 

I told our friends that in two years, for the series finale, everyone is required to come in costume. That should be an exceptionally fun year ;) 

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on what else we've been up to this summer!

Love y'all!


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