May 2016 Update

My Dad had a major surgery yesterday and fortunately, everything went well. If you could, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he starts his long road to recovery. We can't wait for him to get better, and we are looking forward to spending time with Grandpa 2.0!

Wow! This month really got past me! I have lots to update you with - lot of pictures of Easton and all the changes that are slowly taking place to our home's exterior. I feel like we've finally gotten over the hill as far as the front yard improvement goes and all that's left on our to-do list is going to be icing on the cake :)

I feel like our sweet little two year old grew by leaps and bounds this month! His verbal skills are rapidly improving and being able to say new words like "help" and "please" are cutting down on a lot of the whining when he needs/wants something. Wahoo!

Easton has such a goofy disposition, without even knowing it. He loves to make little faces at us which totally cracks us up. As soon as we start laughing, he starts laughing. The boy is a total charmer!

His eating is slowing down a little bit, which the pediatrician said might happen. His breakfast now is half an apple, some berries, an egg, and oatmeal. He has a light lunch and then starts getting hungry for dinner around 4:30. It's definitely a challenging time for us because he wants to eat. I'm trying to get him to have dinner with us, but he typically ends up filling up on snacks. I try to keep them healthy - hummus and pita chips, veggies, etc so it doesn't feel like the end of the world if he doesn't make it to dinner time.

He's also started experimenting sitting in a big chair, instead of his high chair, but we're not ready to give the high chair up yet...

We had Branch's parents over for dinner to celebrate his mom's birthday. After eating, we spent some quality time outside playing on Easton's new swing set :) 

Gigi came bearing gifts from her recent trip to visit Branch's sister, Lisa, in California. Lisa had won a stuffed giraffe in a carnival game. Easton was instantly obsessed and promptly named his new friend "Bay-bo".

A good portion of the month was spent without us having a fenced in front yard, which made things a little trickier with Easton. We don't live on a busy road, but people tend to drive a little faster than I would like them to. Fortunately, Easton discovered playing "beep beep" where he would entertain himself for a solid 20 minutes in the front seat of our cars. It definitely helped us out when we were trying to get things done out there!

Our little boy is definitely all boy. This mama is quickly learning that boy means dirt, dirt, and more dirt. He wants to go "ow-side" every day, multiple times a day, and typically comes back in looking like this. We've definitely had to up the number of bubble baths he gets a week, plus a lot more "wipe baths."

We went to a BBQ at our friend's house one Friday and Easton and his good buddy Dylan had a rip-roaring time in the backyard while we got the food ready. Dylan would push Easton up and down the driveway repeatedly while both boys squealed the entire time!

One rainy day, when I was desperate for an iced coffee, we headed to McDonald's to check out the Play Place. I was beginning to think Easton was still a little too small for it since he couldn't climb up the platforms.

But then he decided to climb up the green slide. ALL the way up the green slide. And then the was stuck up there. Fortunately for me, there were some very helpful children who were able to guide him down :)

Easton was invited to a couple of birthday parties in May, one of which took place at The Music Class. We had a wonderful time celebrating baby Jack turning 1 by singing, dancing and playing with instruments!

With the days lasting longer, and the weather being so pleasant, we try and take a family walk every evening. Usually we leave the dogs at home because they are kind of annoying, but one day, Pickles made an escape and joined us. He can't walk very far (short legs/old age) but Easton was quite pleased to have a buddy ride shotgun with him ;)

Easton is out of "school" for the summer so our pace has slowed down quite a bit. I'm embracing our new, slower moving way of life!

Love y'all!


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