March 2016 Update

Now that Easton is 2, I think we're finally done counting his age in months. I still want to share the monthly pictures with y'all though  :)

More happened in March than just a cruise, although you'd think with the number of posts from the cruise that it's all we did!

I wanted to embroider a shirt for Easter  and wanted to make sure it was going to fit. Easton was a very good baby model ;) 

Our friends, Wil and Kyle, came over for dinner. East is obsessed with Wil! They're best buddies!

Easton and I had a mid-week lunch date at Jason's Deli. He really loves their broccoli!

...And their turkey sandwiches!

We're still going to Gymboree, a local kid's play gym, although we're about to take a break for the summer now that the weather is so nice. This is Easton and his favorite teacher, Ms. Susan. I'd much rather her lug around his 33 pounds for the "Carousel Song" than my poor back!

In early March, we went for a doughnut date with our friends, Christie and Taylor and their daughter Addie. We're saving these pictures for their wedding slide show ;)

 Smooches in the doughnut line!

 Addie is so smart and so adorable, plus we love her parents ;) Easton has great taste already!

Our morning routine starts the same every day. We wake up, grab Easton an apple and a cup of water, head back to our bed, snuggle and watch a cartoon. Doesn't get much better than that!

In March, Easton received a very special gift from his Gigi and Papa to celebrate his second birthday: a brand new swingset!

Our poor, sad backyard...some day you will be pretty!

It was delivered and installed by one man. I was super impressed he was able to put the whole thing together himself in just a couple of hours!

All done!

This swing set has already gotten a ton of use! Thanks again, Gigi and Papa!!

Speaking of Gigi and Papa, we were able to spend some time with them on Easter Sunday. 

I decorated some eggs with Easton that morning...which really just consisted of applying stickers to pre-dyed eggs. We'll make sure to step up our game next year.

That evening, we went over to Gigi and Papa's for a big Easter Egg hunt. The weather wasn't great, so we held the hunt inside.

Last up, we have a bunch of "randoms". Like Easton rocking his Turks and Caicos outfit when visiting Papa at work :)

And doing such a good job putting Mommy's sunglasses on!

He still treats the dog bed like his personal couch.

Easton is starting to show more interest in the dogs...they're still pretty ambivalent to him most of the time.

And, fortunately, he still loves to read!

Love y'all!


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