April 2016 Update

April was a busy month! Many hours have been logged giving the front yard a face lift but that didn't mean we didn't have plenty of time for fun!

Most of the fun came from playing with all of the new toys Easton got for his birthday :)

He likes to get up close and personal while playing...

Toys, toys, everywhere!

Inside and outside!

And we can't forget about the crafts, like Play-doh and sidewalk chalk paint:

Plus, playing in our new sprinkler!

Easton's first month as a two year old hasn't come without it's challenges. His preferences and opinions are forming but his ability to verbally communicate isn't quite there yet and sometimes things get lost in translation. We've really been working on slowing our pace, removing some activities from our schedule, and it really seems to help.

We had a couple challenging days where Easton didn't want to nap. Normally he naps 3 hours a day so this was pretty unusual. I'd put him down at his normal time, after he'd show signs of being sleepy and I'd check the monitor to see this:

Feet in the air!

It's hard to see, but he's standing in his crib, laying his head down on the side. Just go to sleep!

Not even cuddling in bed worked!

So he wouldn't nap. Ugh, but ok. The problem is, as soon as we'd get in the car to go somewhere, he'd immediately pass out!

Sometimes Mom just can't win.

Good news, his napping quickly corrected itself and now we're back to our sweet, happy boy. 

Guys, this has been the best Tennessee Spring I can ever remember. It has been so nice for so long and we've really tried to make the most of it! Easton didn't like being outdoors last summer but this year he wants to go "ow-sigh" multiple times a day. When he's not playing with his toys or on his swing set, he's trying to get involved with whatever I'm working on.

For instance, moving the gravel out of the old parking pad:

Removing weeds off the old chain link fence...

And for whatever reason, pants seem to be forgotten when we head outdoors...what can you do?

East is just as silly and snuggly as he has ever been!

No update would be complete without pictures of Easton eating

Love y'all!


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