Let's Hear it for New York

It's official! Our first baby-free trip was one for the books! ... and it happened like 6 weeks ago. Wow, where does the time go?!

I know it was a while ago now but since I like to use this little blog as a Howard family diary of sorts, I thought it important to go ahead and write it down before we completely forget about all the fun we had!

Branch and I left on Thursday morning and even though we got off to a rocky start (upon arriving at the airpot, Branch realized he left his garment bag full of suits/shirts in the closet) we made it on the plane and to New York by noon.

We decided to step out of our comfort zone and navigate public transportation to our hotel which was in Long Island City (just across the river from Manhattan but still in New York State).We made it halfway there until we had to switch trains and got on the wrong one. We came out of the subway to find ourselves outside of Central Park and just decided to grab a cab instead. New York 1, Howard's 0.

After checking in and unpacking, we headed back to Manhattan to meet with some friends who were already in town. For dinner, we headed to Chinatown to eat at the Peking Duck House. It wasn't something I would have normally picked but I'm so glad we went because was so good! Thanks for the recommendation Ted!

Welcome to Chin.

My first time having duck! Three of us split this platter.

Friday we played tourist and went all around the city. It was an incredible Fall day! The weather could not have been nicer! We walked by Radio City Music Hall...

Rockefeller Plaza and peeked in on the Today show...

We weren't able to wake up early enough to see them out on the Plaza

The New York City Library...

The Chrysler Building in the distance 

 The library was so beautiful inside!

Grand Central Station...

The Empire State Building...

Dinner that night was italian for the rehearsal dinner.

Ted, the groom standing in the center, and the rest of the gentlemen at our table. Branch and these boys have been friends since high school!

Saturday was the wedding day but we headed back into the city to tour the 9/11 museum.  To quote one of our friend's parents - it was beautifully done, but disturbing. We had to skip over some of the exhibits, or rush through them because it was just too much, but I'm glad we went.

 Reflection of 1 World Trade in a nearby building

One World Trade 

 Reflection pool of Tower 1

We went and grabbed lunch with our friend Erica at a restaurant called The Park near Chelsea Market. I wish I had taken pictures - it was such a cool place to eat! It had a huge indoor garden/atrium and the food was very yummy!

After lunch, Branch Erica and I took a stroll along the high line which is like a greenway that runs around the entire island. Like I said, it was a beautiful day and people were taking advantage of it!

After we made it back, it was time for the wedding! Bridget and Ted got married in the coolest old warehouse in Long Island City at sunset with views of Manhattan. 

I wish I had gotten a close up of picture of Bridget. She was such a beautiful bride and Ted's expression when he first saw her was priceless. Those two love each other so much!

The ceremony was so sweet and perfect!

Yay! So happy for these two!

With our good friends Justin and Missy


Much better!

While it was hard to be away from E, it was a much needed trip. We knew he was in good hands and that allowed us to recharge our batteries and be adults for a few days! All of our adventures around New York were possible because of this wonderful woman who took care of our baby boy for four days.  Thanks again Mom! 

Love y'all!


  1. Love the picture of you and Branch before the wedding. You look gorgeous!


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