Happy Halloween!

Happy November everyone! Easton celebrated his first Halloween Friday and his 7 month birthday Sunday! I'll have a 7 month update tomorrow but wanted to try and play catch up first! I strongly believe in dressing up as a family, so without further ado, may I present Mary Poppins, Bert the chimney sweep, and our little dancing penguin!

I made Easton's costume and am pretty pleased with how it turned out! It was warm and soft and about half the price of a store bought penguin costume!

Earlier in the day, Easton and I went to visit Branch at work to sign some legal documents. Easton requested he be dressed up in his costume for the visit :)

We had friends over Friday evening to pass out candy. We assumed that we would have a lot of trick or treaters since we live in a neighborhood with a ton of kids but we only had 3 groups come by! 

A penguin eating his crustacean

 Our friend Nina telling Easton a very important story!

 And Easton's godmother Blair stopped by to say hi! Loved her face paint!

We wound down the night with some time in the Joy Factory... he barely fit in his puffy costume!

I'm already looking forward to next year when Easton should be big enough to go trick or treating himself!

How was your Halloween? Did you get a lot of trick or treaters??


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