7 month update! (part 1)

Happy weekend everyone! Easton turned 7 months old this past Sunday and our little bear is more fun than ever!

Y'all. I have so many pictures to share this is going to have to be a two part post. Because no one, not even the grandparents, wants to go through 50 pictures in one sitting. We'll call this first round: 7 month update - Fall Edition.

Where Easton is currently:

Weight: 22lbs, 5oz
Clothing size: 12 months and filling them out.
Teeth: .25 (his first one just broke through this week!)
Level of mobility: Can sort of army crawl
Favorite activity: Bouncing in the "Joy Factory"
Sleeping: Daylight savings is the worst.
Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes
Least Favorite Food:  Peas - he cries before and after. and during.

 Easton's first trip to the Farmer's Market!

We went to lunch at Pei Wei with my mom one Sunday. Easton decided to wear his football PJ's.

Two tough guys

Fairly certain (all things have become a blur now) that we had dinner with Branch's parents that night.

 Got caught taking a selfie with the bear...

 ...That looked a little something like this

The following weekend we had Saturday brunch at Germantown Cafe. It was good but the weather was even better! 

 Easton reading up on current events...

 And trying [unsuccessfully] to drink out of Mama's cup

The next day we went to a Titan's game. Since it was still warm and sunny, we dressed Easton in his bathing suit shirt since it has UV protection built in. 

 That belly!

He basically slept the entire time we were there...

Gigi was a trooper for holding him for so long:

But eventually his dead weight cut off circulation and he had to be transferred to Papa's waiting arms :)

We're sort of practicing standing.

Halloween week Blair, Easton's Godmother, hosted a baby costume party. It was still too warm to wear their costumes, but she insisted of getting a picture with all her babes :)

Just like Mother Goose!

The day before Halloween, I made a spur of the moment decision to take Easton to a pumpkin patch. Spur of the moment, as in some questionable driving manuevers were made in order to turn off the road after I had already passed the pumpkin patch.

Anywho, we made it unscathed.

It was really bright. Easton hates bright light so it was hard to get him to smile or look at the camera.

 This is the best we could do

 All bundled up for our daily walk!

 Daddy really likes to put Easton on his shoulders. Easton likes it. It makes Mama nervous.

 Grandma and Grandpa Skyped us in their Halloween costumes :)

 Easton wanted to call them back as soon as the call ended :(

Nothing says "Fall" like watching football with the boys on Sunday. Here is Easton giving us his best tough guy impression with our friend Daniel.

And finally, a few more of his monthly shots!

Love ya'll!


  1. 1. So many cute pictures of that oh-so-cute little boy!
    2. I would've looked at all 50 pictures. (Is this your way of hinting that I use too many photos in my posts??)
    3. At first I thought it said he has 25 teeth and I started to have a cow.
    4. Those rolls on his legs while he's standing CRACK ME UP!
    5. Easton is really just so cute. I think the picture with the pumpkins is a winner!


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