Rock Me Momma, Like a Wagon Wheel

Our first nursery project is complete! Well, for the most part.  

While we won't be setting up a nursery in our current apartment (we're planning on moving less than 2 months after Easton is born when our lease is up) I still want to have everything planned out so his room can be the first room completed as soon as we move! 

It's my personal belief that nurseries should be about what appeals to the parents, since babies don't have an opinion on things like wall color, fabrics and prints.  As soon as he's old enough to talk I'm sure we'll be making the switch to sports, robots or truck themes, but for now, I get to plan a more adult inspired room sans cartoon characters and gallons of baby blue (although baby blue does have it's place in the room!).  

For furniture, I've picked out a mixture of finishes.  We chose a white turned-spindle crib (which will most likely end up being painted a chalky gray) but will use an existing dark brown bookcase for storage/changing table and an off-white day bed.

via Holly Mathis Interiors
Inspiration photo: The crib style we picked out, painted in a neutral gray

We'll probably be adding a dresser for extra storage, but since I don't know what the size of actual nursery will be, I'm waiting to decide on that one.  Second to the crib, the most necessary piece of furniture in any nursery has to be a rocking chair. I scoured the internet for the perfect piece to lull my future son to sleep but either found styles that wouldn't work with the rest of the room or was shocked by how expensive it was! I found plenty of gliders for $200-$500, but it was more than I wanted to spend. While we may be able to use the chair for a second child some day, I didn't want to make an investment in a piece of furniture that I didn't see us using somewhere else in the house. Finally, I stumbled upon this inspiration picture and fell in love:

Wicker rocking chair in the nursery
Inspiration photo: Dark wicker rocking chair

I immediately hopped on Craigslist and found a wicker rocker in mint condition for $10! TEN DOLLARS! I grabbed a coworker and we went to pick up the chair during lunch.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a before picture but basically the chair was a natural wood colored wicker. Two cans of spray paint later (which Branch lovingly applied while I was at work one day) and we had this!

I ordered a $30 seat cushion off of Overstock and now we have a comfortable place to rock the baby.  The best part is, when the chair has been retired from the nursery, we'll be able to use it in another room or even outside on a patio or porch.  The back is surprisingly comfortable, but I have plans to recover a lumbar cushion and I'm still on the search for a fun foot stool or pouffe. One project down, only 1,235,398 to go :)


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