2 weeks!

Baby boy is 2 weeks old today!

So I realized that I typically write these posts in the late evening hours while I'm in a state of delirium and have no idea what nonsense I wrote the next day so in an effort for self improvement, I decided to start this post much earlier in the day. Oh, it should also help that I got 12 (interrupted) hours of sleep last night! That's right, 12!

The various poses of sleep

Almost a week ago, Branch and I realized we had to make some changes to our sleep schedule or else neither one of us were going to make it. Since Baby E likes to stay up between 10:30pm-2:30am, we decided one person would go to bed around 9, the other would stay up with him and then we'd switch off at the 2 am feeding. Apparently Easton lives to make his Mama happy because all the nights that it's been my turn, the little man has slept through the entire night (with the exception of feedings/diaper changes) and gets up around 5:30am.  On most of the nights that it has been Branch's turn has left Branch on the couch with a very active baby until 2:30 in the morning... whoops!

Baby E is officially two weeks old today and changing by the minute! He is still a super mellow baby who rarely ever cries...like we have gone entire days without him crying at all. He's finally happy having his arms swaddled, but only  if his hands are by his face (he's a work in progress). He's up to eating 3 - 3.5oz a feeding and the last few days has been cluster feeding at night where he'll eat once an hour for 2 - 3 hours instead of going 3 - 4 hours between feedings. All these feedings have definitely caused him to put on weight and grow - we had to do our first wardrobe purge and he's currently barely fitting into larger newborn clothes and mainly into 3 month clothes.

Strong man is bustin' out! Look at that belly!

Baby boy is definitely a lover, not a fighter. He loves to be cuddled and if he decides something does warrant his tears, he'll cry out twice and then stop as soon as he's picked up and "shushed". His easy nature makes him easy to take all around town.  We try and make a trip out every day, just so I don't go stir crazy. Besides his doctor's appointments, baby E has been on trips to Target, Kroger, Costco and the dentist (he waited with one of us in the lobby while we got our teeth cleaned). 

Easton doesn't think highly of proper oral hygiene!

Time for Easton's first real bath!

Love y'all!


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