1 week

Our sweet Baby E is 1 week old today! I still can't get over how in love I am with our little man!

Even in one short week I feel like I'm starting to see so many changes in him - he woke up this morning much more alert and we took advantage with having our first round of tummy time! He spent about 5 minutes on his belly and didn't seem to mind one bit!

Sleep is still a challenge, as expected, but we're working on it. Branch took over from 10pm - 2am, when Easton is most active) so I could get 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep. I then took over for the 2 am feeding, fed him again at 4am, 7am and then 10 am. I was able to sleep in between so I feel like I'm getting caught up :) All in all, it's 100x better than we expected so we're happy with the progress.

Driver is definitely struggling with the adjusted sleep schedule

Yesterday the weather was beautiful so we took Easton out for his first walk. He slept the whole time but I was happy he got fresh air and felt the sun on his skin for the first time!

To celebrate his birthday, we took him to Waikikie, our favorite Hawaiian BBQ place. Once again, he spent most of the time sleeping {if only he could sleep this well at night!}

Current Easton-isms:

-Baby E prefers to lay on his right while sleeping and nursing. This is most likely because that was the side he was on in my belly.

-He likes to be swaddled, but has to have his arms out...which kind of defeats the purpose of the swaddle but whatever works.

-Almost all tears can be stopped with a pacifier and making sure his chest is covered with a blanket.

-He didn't cry at all during his first sponge bath at home.

-He can switch back and forth from the bottle to nursing like a champ. I started pumping while he was in the NICU and since he doesn't have a problem going back and forth, Branch is able to take over some of the feedings.

-Definitely has his days and nights mixed up. He sleeps all day between feedings but as soon as that 11:30 feeding rolls around, we know we're in trouble!

Happy Birthday Easton! We love you!


  1. This is incredible, thank you for taking the time to share!!!

  2. How cute is that first picture?!?! And I think he looks just like you in the second one. :)

    Happy one week, Easton!

  3. I agree, thank you so much for setting it up and including us in his sweet everyday life!!! I love getting the updates since I can't be there!! Kiss him for Aunt Kristy!! I hope to meet him soon!! Love you guys and Miss you BUNCHES!!!


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