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Easton's 3rd Birthday Party

Easton turned 3 this month and we had so much fun celebrating him! He and his best friend Dylan are only 7 days apart, and since they are in the same class at school, and many of our friends overlap, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to throw a joint birthday. It couldn't have gone better! Dylan's mom, my friend Carolyn, and I played off each other's strengths and together, we put together a party that was not only fun, but easy on us moms!  The ice cream cone cupcakes were Carolyn's genius idea! Not only were they adorable, but the cones kept the kids hands cleaner and made it easier for the kiddos to eat! I made matching shirts for the boys that said "On the playground is where I spend most of my days". Extra points if you get the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reference ;) The real MVP of the party was our friend Bobby. He helped to move this pop up trash can from one end of the picnic table to the other. Couldn

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