Allyson in Wonderland

I am so blessed to work with an amazing group of people! A week ago Thursday, they got together to host an absolutely beautiful shower for baby Easton and I. I couldn't have felt more honored! 

The theme was Allyson in Wonderland and was a "Crafternoon Tea". I couldn't think of anything more perfect! I was completely overwhelmed with how beautiful everything was! We spent the afternoon crafting of course, catching up and enjoying gourmet tea out of Cat's beautiful tea cups. The food was delicious and the decorations were adorable!


For our crafts, Cat found an ingenious way to create applique bibs and onesies using heat transfers and stencils so we didn't have to sew them on.  We ironed the heat transfer paper to the scrap fabric, cut out a design using the stencils and then applied the applique to the onesie again by iron.


I must say, for being a bunch of accountants and financial analysts, my coworkers are pretty creative people! Baby E is now stocked to the brim with fun and colorful custom made onesies and bibs and each one turned out great!






Again, special thanks to the co-hosts: Cat, Jennifer, Stacy, Emily and Nicole. I couldn't have enjoyed it more!


  1. What a fun theme and shower idea! Super cute! I may just have to use this sometime...


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