1 month to go!

How far along? 35 weeks, 4 days. 
I can hardly believe it but I'm officially 1 month away from my due date (and praying he arrives just a little early). 
Maternity clothes? All day, everyday.
Stretch marks? No new lines, thank goodness! Started using a cream and dry brushing (exfoliating) to get rid of the couple that I did get on my hips.
Sleep: Poorly and I'm constantly feeling low on energy. I think I'd do much better if I could nap throughout the day but unfortunately, this working Mama-to-be ain't got no time for that! I wake up unassisted most mornings at 5, watch informercials and the local news for an hour, and then fall back asleep for an hour. I'm hoping this will come in handy when baby gets here! 
Best moment this week: Getting lots of our pre-baby to-do's checked off the list! In the past week and a half, we got the car seat installed (and inspected at the local fire station), toured the maternity wing of the hospital, packed my hospital bag and attended a "What to expect when you deliver" class.  While there's still a bit left to get done, like prepping freezer meals for those first few weeks at home and making sure we have the basic necessities like newborn diapers and wipes stocked, I'm feeling close to ready for his arrival! 
Movement: Baby bear is a mover and a shaker! Even as I type this, he is actively dancing around in my belly, causing my laptop to bounce up and down!
Food cravings: Rice Krispies Cereal. I can't get enough of the stuff - even though I do make plenty of room for fruits and veggies!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I had a bad cold last week and spent Thursday - Sunday trying to recover. By Sunday afternoon, and after excessive amounts of sleep, I was doing much better.
Gender: BOY!
Labor signs: I finally realized that the stomach cramps I have been having are actually Braxton Hicks contractions (fake contractions) for some time now. I start my weekly doctor appointments tomorrow and I'll have my first exam to see if I'm dilated  which is highly unlikely at this point.
Symptoms: My chiropractor is a miracle worker and has completely corrected the back issues I've been having. I went from being able to hardly walk to almost feeling like I'm not even pregnant (at least my back feels that way!).
Miss anything? Having my body to myself. As much as I love feeling Easton move around in there, I'm really wishing I could hold him in my arms...and not in my belly.
Belly button in or out? Not sure that thing is ever going back in.
Wedding rings on or off? Off - I'm wearing a fakey ring in a larger size in the mean time so I don't freak myself out and think I lost my ring.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! 
Looking forward to: Seeing family on Saturday! We're headed up to Nashville for my first baby shower and it's a family shower! I can't wait to see everyone and get caught up, especially since we didn't get to make it back to Memphis for Christmas.


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