Oh, we're halfway there!

I am so excited to say that we've reached the halfway point! I found this little set of questions on another blog I follow and thought I'd go ahead and answer them every few weeks to document how everything's going during the remainder of the pregnancy! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to add going forward!

How far along? 21 weeks!
Maternity clothes? Some of the time. I've purchased a few maternity dresses and shirts but I'm able to mix in a lot of pre-maternity clothes as well.
Stretch marks? None yet, thank goodness! 
Sleep: As much as I love cuddling up to my sweet husband, this is the only time in our marriage I have ever wished we had a king-size bed! Between him and my expanding body, two comforters, 4 pillows and my various assortment of body pillows, we could use some extra room! 
Best moment this week: Our halfway point celebratory dinner-date on Saturday night! We went to dinner at the Atlanta Fish Market, did a little shopping at Nordstroms and then went to a movie :)
Miss anything? Beer :( Some of my favorite seasonal flavors are back in stock but I know it's worth the wait!
Movement: Yes! I felt the very first kick at week 19. Now I feel pretty regular kicks and flutters when I'm sitting down or laying down in the evening. It wasn't until this week that I could feel him from the outside (with my hand resting on my belly). Not going to lie, it kind of freaked me out a little bit!
Food cravings: No, those seem to have gone away. Now I'm left hungry all the time, but indecisive about what I want to eat.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, thank goodness!
Gender: BOY!
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: I had my first leg cramp this week. It woke me up in the middle of the night and was so uncomfortable! Thank goodness Branch was able to rub it out - I could barely move!
Belly button in or out? In! Just barely!
Wedding rings on or off? On but it's starting to leave little red marks on my finger :(
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Planning the nursery, monogramming his little clothes...lots of exciting things to come :)

Love y'all!


  1. I can't believe it took me this long to check back to see your BUMP...I LOVE IT! And I can't believe you're already past the halfway mark. Seems like your pregnancy is flying by! (Probably because I don't see you everyday like I used to...sad face.)

    I'm glad to hear everything is going well in your pregnancy. I'm with you, the first time I felt a kick on the outside, I thought it was really weird. Like a little alien was in there or something.

    I had horrible leg cramps (with restless legs, ugh!) last time...I hope you don't get any more! If you do, try stretching before going to bed. Seemed to help me some.

    Have you started thinking about the nursery? I'm ready for pics of that now! :)


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