Some space of my own!

So I love to craft but I definitely don't do it enough.  Or maybe I love the idea of crafting and sometimes miss out on the follow through.  Part of my problem, was that I didn't have a dedicated "crafting" space. Everything I had was crammed into a wicker hamper: Sewing machine, craft paints, scrap fabric, notions, etc.  This makes it pretty hard when you have to pull evvvvvverything out.

(This is just plain sad.)

We also had another problem to solve: a big open wall in the middle of our living room.  We tried putting a dining room set that we purchased off Craigslist in the space, but it was too big and it really crowded the room. So we sold the set (and made a bit of a profit too!) but were left with a big empty wall.

So we perused around our local Ikea looking for a smaller dining table when I spotted this:
The Ikea Hemnes Secretary Desk.  I have always had a thing for secretary desks. I remember having an old roll top one in the house when I was much younger and I love the ability to just close everything up and have everything look clean from the outside.  While I originally thought I really wanted a dining set, Branch reminded me that we already have some great seating at our kitchen counter and that this would fit in the space much better. 

It was surprisingly easy to assemble (we've gotten pretty good at building Ikea furniture by now) and it fits on the wall perfectly!  We bought a chair to match Branch's office chair and love the way our living room is coming along!

Here she is all put together:

My favorite part - all closed up

My sewing machine is tucked back in with two shelves that hold craft supplies and stationary.  The fold out portion still leaves enough room for my computer and notepads.

The two cabinet doors hold a shelf that currently holds my unorganized craft supplies and scrap fabrics.  A thoughtful feature: there is a small opening at the bottom of the back shelf so that cords can be hidden.

I'm so happy with the piece and it's even helped me work on a long awaited craft project that I'll be posting about this week! Thanks for your patience!! And special thanks to my wonderful husband who suggested we get something for my craft storage :) What a sweet guy! 


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