Dog Days

Hi all!

My apologies, it has been waaaaaaayyy too long since I've made a blog post. We've just been crazy busy! Branch is occupied with school and law journal and I've been traveling non-stop and am exhausted!

I've got two big posts coming up but thought I'd make this one short and sweet. And full of pictures of our two favorite things: our puppies! Let the photo dump begin

The monkey just decided to hop on up into Branch's desk chair. Make yourself at home little man!

Driver trying to fit in Pickles' bed. Pickles taking over the big bed.

"Are you sleeping brudder?"

This is my favorite: Pickles' little face between his paws.

These pups love their naps.

Pickles was upset when the real NFL refs came back.

Driver is perturbed about being Titan's fan.

A frisbee makes a good pillow in this house!

It's a tough business being a dog.

The monkey has found his perch! (Please ignore the unfinished living room, we're almost there!)

"I makes my self soooo smalllls!"

Seriously. Why do our dogs sleep so much, and why sleep like that?

Well, I promise to be back tomorrow with a more thoughtful post. We've got some furniture updates and a pretty massive craft project that I can't wait to share!


  1. Cute pups! But let's see this massive craft project already!


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