Powder Bath Makeover

I finally have my first completely finished room in the house! We've been here for an entire year but I can honestly say no room is quite how I want it yet. Projects have been completed but now I'm really ready to make progress into completing each space.

The hall bath sits in a corner that originally would have been apart of an exterior porch. One of the walls is the original exterior siding and the ceiling was the original porch ceiling.  If you remember, when we bought the house, the side wall was painted multiple colors (I'm not sure why) of various whites, creams and blues. The trim was white like the rest of the house and the walls were Sherwin William's Agreeable Gray, which is a beige-gray.

This was the view into the bathroom from our couch. 

Pretty basic, with a teeny tiny mirror

I'm absolutely kicking myself because I can't find any pictures of the ceiling before I painted it. It was an aged, chippy, white with some turquoise peaking through in places. I actually really loved the way it looked, however there was one section, directly above the sink, that had suffered water damage at some point, leaving a large brown water spot on the ceiling. There was no way for me to match the original, aged paint color so I decided to give the whole thing an update. 

We've spent quite a few dollars this year on the yard so I wanted to make this project as budget friendly as possible. It also sounded like a fun challenge :)

I was really inspired by these pictures...can you guess where I'm going with the color scheme?? 

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Step one: paint! For the ceiling, I went black, Sherwin William's Greenblack, in a matte finish. It's the same paint that was leftover from our Big Black Wall in the living room and I absolutely love it. Like, I love it so much, I would use it in every single room in our house if Branch would let me. The matte finish is awesome at hiding all the imperfections in the rough ceiling and because the ceiling is so high, there was no worry that it would make the space feel cramped.

For the walls, I used a test pot of paint leftover from the previous owners to select Sherwin William's Dover White. It's a cool white that really brightens up the space. I think the siding wall looks so much better as one single color.

For the trim, door and baseboards, I used Greenblack in semi-gloss, which I had leftover from the front door and the bookcase on the Big Black Wall. I decided to hand paint the trim and door instead of using my paint sprayer or roller. I actually love the brush strokes left in the finish, I feel like it makes the room look more like an original part of the house.

I found the mirror at Lowe's. My original plan was to take the mirror from Easton's bath, spray paint the frame black and use it in the powder bath but a slip up with a box cutter trying to remove the mirror from the frame put an end to that. I love the lines on this mirror but the finish looked more gold in person. I used some of Martha Stewart's metallic craft paint in Gunmetal to darken it up a little bit and it really pops against the wall now.

Total cost for all the paint: $20 - $17 for a quart of the Dover White and $3 for the craft paint since I already had everything else on hand. I did have to spend $2.99 on a tube of caulk to patch up some gaps on the siding wall, but I'm feeling pretty ok about that! ;) 

Next up was the shelf for above the toilet. This room has zero storage and I wanted a space for candles, greenery and other items that might make our guests feel more comfortable. I ordered these brackets off Amazon for $30 for two sets (I originally thought I was going to mount two shelves) and cut down a piece of wood that was original to the house. Not only does it add surface space, I think the wood adds some warmth to the otherwise stark space.

I found the print and this vintage pineapple towel ring off Etsy and I'm obsessed with it!

I have to share a little story about the towel ring: as you can see, it has a very antiqued patina. It also had very small holes for screws - and screws weren't included. My dad gave me advice last time he was in town helping us with the house, that your local hardware store is a resource that shouldn't be forgotten. They always have the exact right thing you need and they can show you where it is! Low and behold, our local Ace carries antique brass screws that perfectly fit the holes! Lesson here: Dads are full of wisdom and your local hardware store is the place to go when you're looking for something very specific!

The rest was just accessories. The waste basket and hand towel are from Target and the TP basket and stone tray are from HomeGoods. I already had the vase and magnolia print on hand.

Now that one room is down, I'm moving onto the main room! Can't wait to share it with you when it's all done :)

Love y'all!


  1. WOW! It looks so, so good. Not gonna lie, I was bummed at the beginning of the post that you were going to paint over the siding because from that picture, it reminds me of the pallet wall in my half bath. But the white with the black ceiling and trim looks so clean and crisp! Definitely agree that the stained wooden shelf and greenery helps warm it up - nice touches. I also really love the big checked hand towel. :) Really great job!


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