October 2016

Wow guys! We're only a week into November and I've already got my October update ready to go! I hope you all are impressed ;)

Our story begins with tragedy on the tracks! One Wednesday afternoon, after I picked Easton up from school, we headed to Cheekwood to watch the trains. When we got there, we discovered poor Clarabel (Thomas the Train's passenger coach) had fallen from the tracks! Her expression couldn't be more perfect ;)

Fortunately, the Conductor was there to get her back and working. He took a liking to Easton and gave us a special behind the scenes tour of the train room. Easton never wanted to leave!

We've joked since the moment East was born that he's a lazy kid. This boy sure knows how to "chill"


Maybe he gets it from big brother Driver ;)

October was unseasonably warm (heck, it's still in the 80's today!). One afternoon, he asked that I fill up his pool. 

The gravel deliveries we had for our parking pad brought a lot of excitement over in these parts! Easton squealed with glee every time the gravel started pouring out the back of the dump truck.

Gymnastics is still a big hit around here. Easton's favorite activities are running around on the springy floor, hanging from the rings, the tumble track and the foam pit.

He also likes to pretend he's an American Ninja Warrior!

Gymnastics has gone a long way in making him feel more physically confident. He walked across this suspended bridge at the park all by himself for the first time in October.

All the extra activity definitely wears my other boys out:

Easton's pretty busy these days so we avoid taking him out to restaurants. Once he's done eating, he wants to get up and move around and it's just not as easy as it used to be. Fortunately, there is a family friendly restaurant a few blocks from our house with a fenced in patio. We have no problem sitting outside and letting him run around once he's done!

Halloween was kind of a fail this year. Easton picked out his own costume, Thomas the Train of course, that he was obsessed with in the package but refused to wear. On Halloween, I got a call from his school that he wasn't feeling well, had a temperature and needed to go home. I took him to the doctor who thought it was a cold coming on and recommended we take it easy for the night (not like we could get his costume on anyways). Oh well, there's always next year!

Our silly boy is as goofy as ever. I'll leave with you with these last pictures as example of that ;)



I think we know who he gets it from ;)

I'll be back soon with some updates we've made to the main room in the house, plus all the pictures from our Fall festivities. 

Love y'all!


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