LT Turns 60!

My mom turned the big 6-0 this year (but let's be real, she doesn't look a day over 50 ;) To celebrate, we took a little family vacation to the beautiful city of Chattanooga!

Branch and I had a chance to go to Chattanooga in December for a quick over night trip and were so excited to go back. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Chattanooga is such a little gem!

We stayed at The Chattanoogan Hotel again and as soon as we arrived, we set down our bags and headed across the street for lunch at The Public House. Yummmmy!

Once we were fed, we hopped on one of the free shuttles and headed down the street to the aquarium. Chattanooga's aquarium is the best in the state and great for kids. Easton was easily able to see all the different exhibits which was a huge plus!

The Chattanooga Aquarium is unique in that it is split between two buildings. The first building we visited was the fresh water side. It was a Saturday so it was pretty packed. We had limited time so after a quick run through of most of the fresh water side, we headed over to the salt water side.

 The views from the top of the aquarium were pretty great!

The salt water building did not disappoint! Easton's three favorite exhibits were the penguins, jelly fish and the big sea wall. 

A little backstory here: Easton's blanket/lovey has a penguin attached to it but for some reason, when he learned to say "penguin" he pronounced it "maymi". Don't even ask. Also, he calls water (and all liquids) "milk-a". So when we got to the penguins he just kept pointing and saying "Maymi!" "Milka!"

The jelly fish were fascinating! They were in tanks that were nice and low so Easton could see them from the ground.

They had many different kinds, each so beautiful!

The coolest exhibit had to be the big "sea wall." It was a huge floor to ceiling tank. We camped out for a few minutes and East just stood there taking everything in.

We made a stop to the gift shop where Easton picked out a couple new "maymis". We named them Uno and Dos. ;)

We walked to Tony's, an Italian restaurant with a great gluten free menu to meet up with my little cousin for dinner, but first we got some pictures of Easton on the walking bridge. 

I mean seriously, how cute is this kid?

Unfortunately, the pictures stop there! We had a wonderful dinner with my cousin, and returned to the hotel to put Easton down. The next morning, after a delicious brunch at The Farmer's Daughter, we headed to the top of Lookout Mountain to look around and see Rock City but unfortunately, the weather just didn't cooperate for us. So we packed up the car and headed back to Nashville. 

So glad we got to spend some time celebrating such a wonderful mother and Mimi. 

Love y'all!


  1. Looks fun! I really need to get my kids to Chattanooga to go to that aquarium!


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