23 months!

I can hardly believe it! This is the last month we will count Easton by "months". As of April 2nd, he will just be known as a two year old, not "24 months!" Time has FLOWN by and Easton is at such a fun age :) His sweet disposition, his goofy sense of humor, his love of all things trains and balls - we can't get enough of that kid! Not a day goes by that he doesn't do something to surprise us and I have no doubt that will continue for some time.

I've been spending a lot of time working on Easton's playroom. I want it to be a fun and inspiring place for him to hang out in. Part of that meant adding new colorful boxes to the bookcase for his toys. Easton decided it was a cool place for him to hang out in as well!

Another thing I added to the space was a toddler sized craft table and chairs! It doubles as a place for Easton to play with his wire toy.

Remember when I said he was goofy? He's so silly without even knowing it. A while back, we were watching football and really wanted us to read him a book. So he stuck it out and was making a "cheese!!" face 

I bought Easton his first sticker book at his preschool's book fair. It kept him well entertained while I volunteered!

Carolina had a big game against Duke in February and Branch requested I put Easton in his UNC gear. We purchased this jersey a couple of years ago for Easton's gender reveal: 

And he wore it to his first basketball game last January:

Now it's all filled out, and to be honest, so hard to get over his head!!

Mornings have always been a fun time for Easton and I. I pull him into our bed, we turn on cartoons and snuggle while having a morning snack (usually an apple or berries). 

Some days are harder than others to get up!

It wouldn't be an Easton update if we didn't include pictures of Easton eating, am I right? He's definitely getting a little pickier but he still eats just about everything. Sometimes he's pretty clean... other times, not so much:

Easton, Branch and I had a chance to grab lunch together one afternoon. Unfortunately, we had to sit at a bar height table and they didn't have high chairs that worked. Have no fear, Easton just sat there like a big boy!

East doesn't always love having his picture taken, but he loves taking selfies! As soon as the camera flips around, he instantly smiles!

Of course we took advantage of the rare nice days and took the bear to the park!

Kid's got some Bernie Sander's hair right there!

Tight squeeze!

The weather was pretty yucky most of February so we took advantage of our local library. They have an AMAZING kid's area and hold weekly story times... Shoot! That reminds me! We've got a couple of books we need to return!

We even voted during one of our trips to the library! 

We also took a trip to Chattanooga in February to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday but that has enough pictures for it's own post! Be back to share soon!


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