22 months

***I'm going to apologize right now. The cold meds are hitting me pretty hard so this update is going to be a lot of pictures and not a lot of words. ***

We are rapidly approaching the two year mark, and thus, the end of keeping track of Easton's age in months. Wahoo!

Poor bear has sick for MORE THAN A WEEK. We are all riding the struggle bus. Between the middle of the night wakes ups, extra fussy baby and not many trips out of the house it's like we have a newborn all over again and it is no fun! All the coughs in the face and broken sleep left us vulnerable and now both Branch and I have come down with the crud. No fun!

Poor guy looked as bad as he felt...

If there was any silver lining, it was that I got a lot of extra cuddles in!

Prior to East being sick, we had a really good month! It consisted of a lot of reading:

...and a lot of "selfies"!

East has started this silly habit of laying down randomly. In hindsight, it was probably at the beginning of his cold and he was probably just feeling low energy. 

The gym is a weird place to lay down...

...so is Pickles' crate!

But all in all, he was still our goofy, fun loving, adorable baby boy!

 On a Mommy/Baby lunch date!

Just chillin, watching some football...



...except when he wasn't.
We'll blame this one on Daddy.

Easton's playroom got a fun addition this month: A huge blackboard wall for him to color on!

It really looks like this most of the time, but I think it will be a great feature that will grow with him :) 

Last up, we took Easton on some fun dinners with friends! One of which was with our friend Carolyn and her son Dylan - they loved playing in the ball pit together! Easton would continually throw the balls out and little Dylan would run to grab them and throw them right back in!

Another night we went over to dinner at our friends Kyle and Wil's house. Easton was perfectly comfortable sitting in his own chair with his own plate (not his own beer). My little boy is growing up so quickly!

I'll be back soon with more!

Love y'all!


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