This quick little post probably could have been included in last week's monthly update, but it was getting pretty long so I decided to split it up for y'all :)

Back in January, we had our first big snow day! We got close to 8 inches at our house, which was by far the most Branch or I could remember seeing in Tennessee! When I woke up to see 3 inches on the ground (and more accumulating quickly) I was super excited - a whole day to spend with my two favorite boys! I had gone to the store the night before so the pantry was stocked - the plan for the day was to snuggle up and relax....or so I thought.

The view from our bed when we first woke up

And our backyard as the morning progressed...

Look at all that snow!

Snow days with a toddler are tough, man! At least with a toddler Easton's age! In snow days past, Branch and I would cuddle up, watch some TV, drink some warm beverages, maybe venture out for a walk to explore a little bit. Easton was having none of it. So after a big breakfast, we bundled up in all our snow gear and went out to the front yard to see what East thought.

He was nonplussed. In Easton's defense - we don't have much in the way of snow gear for him, and the snow was knee high, so it was nearly impossible for him to move around.

After our short time outside, we came back in to thaw out a little. We had some lunch, East napped and we played but towards the end of the afternoon, we all started to get stir crazy. Good news, the pub that recently opened a couple blocks away from us was open for business! So we bundled on up and headed back out.

 We also went right back and added a blanket to make him more comfortable :)

The little pub was PACKED. Fortunately, a couple were kind enough to give us their table as they were leaving. We were treated to the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken wings and nachos. Since they were so packed, and were understaffed, there was a pretty decent wait to get our food and drinks. Easton started to get antsy but fortunately YouTube Kids came to the rescue!

All in all, the snow day (which turned into a snow weekend) was pretty fun! 


 Well, for most of us anyways ;)

Love y'all!


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