21 Months

Well December sure got away from me! How were your holidays? Ours were packed, and while they were fun-filled, I'm sure glad to be on the other side! This is the first weekend we spent in months doing nothing (in part to a stomach bug I'm currently battling) but it was nice to have a weekend off to hibernate in the house.

My New Year's Resolution is to blog more regularly - hopefully 3-4 times a month! Like all resolutions, we'll have to see how long it lasts!

As always, it's so fun to see Easton's little personality develop. He's so much chattier, even though we can't understand what he's trying to say. He's independent but he loves to cuddle up in your lap and have a book read to him. He's pushing boundaries to see what we'll say, but he's also a good listener. We just love that little boy to pieces!

My birthday present was a new front yard (sounds fancy, huh?!) and we got started in December when our friend, who is a landscaper, came by to put in new beds. Easton was absolutely fascinated by what the guys were doing and we even had breakfast on the daybed so he could keep watching :)

Even though the weather is getting chillier, we still try and hit up parks anytime we can!

When I was a little girl, we had a train around the Christmas tree, and it was definitely a tradition I wanted to continue for Easton. We found this little plastic battery-powered set at Home Depot for $20 and it was the best $20 we've ever spent! The funny thing is, Easton began to think that since our tree had a train all trees must come with a train so anytime he would see a Christmas tree he would exclaim "choo-chooooo!"

We had our first "writing on the wall" incident in December - that's my eyeliner...

Our son is still a professional eater. His new trick is dipping!

Sadly, we didn't spend as much time at the Y as we probably should have in December (too many Christmas cookies, not enough Christmas cardio...) but on the one day we went little man was desperate to play ball with the big guys!

Christmas is definitely more fun with a baby! While he obviously still doesn't understand Santa, or Baby Jesus, or why he's getting presents, by the end of the festivities, he knew that when he saw a wrapped gift, it was probably for him!

As always, I have so much more to share! Here's to getting it all done in a timely manner!

Love y'all!


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