There are a few things in life Easton loves: eating, sleeping, his lovey "Maymi," balls, his books, maybe Branch and myself? Sometimes we're not sure. But the thing he REALLY loves? Trains. We're talking obsessed.

Whether he's playing at drop-in-daycare...

Or at home...

He loves his wooden trains as well as electric trains. He especially loves Thomas the Train cartoons (we have to limit that one) and books (he can have as many of those as he wants!).

One of our favorite places to go, Cheekwood Gardens, has an extensive electric train set. One Fall afternoon, East and I took a picnic out there. He sat and watched the trains for a whole hour! A feat for any toddler!

We even went to see the Cheekwood Trains one evening during their Lights! exhibit with our friends Carolyn and Dylan. Dylan and Easton loved seeing the trains lit up at night!

At Centennial Park, best known for its Parthenon replica, rests a giant locomotive engine. I took Easton to see it one afternoon but I think it was too big, and he too small, to really appreciate that it was an actual train :) 

In early December, we had the chance to take East to a Train Show at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

From the moment we walked in, Easton was completely mesmerized!

Branch and I used the opportunity to talk to the "experts" about electric trains - what is the difference between the types of tracks? Which are best for young children? How much do these things cost?

Getting a better view!

The displays were fascinating! So much attention to detail in the tiny versions of cities, fairs and wilderness.

Easton just likes to watch the trains go around :)

Who knows how long Easton's obsession will last, but we're happy he's found something he really enjoys for now :)

Love y'all!


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