Fall Fest!

October, for me, is the best part of Fall. The temperatures are (in theory) cooling, it's time to break out the sweaters, and the leaves are changing. Fall is my favorite season, so we're trying to take full advantage of it!

We kicked off the month with a trip to Cheekwood for their Fall Festival. They've switched out all the annuals to include more oranges and reds, hundred of mums and of course, pumpkins!

Easton's favorite parts of Cheekwood are the TRAINS of course!

I mean, look at that face!

"Mama! Do you see these trains! They run all by themselves!!"

We spent a good 20 minutes just watching the trains loop through the intricate tracks again and again and again.

We were nearing closing time and wanted to take a stop at the pumpkin patch. It was hard to tear East away from the trains and it totally set us up for a tantrum on the way home. Yay for the toddler years!

Easton's "school" hosts an annual Fall Fest fundraiser that we were excited to participate in! Unfortunately, the day of the event decided to be one of the grossest of the whole month. Chilly and wet the whole day!

Fortunately, a good bit of the festival was inside. After a train ride with Daddy and a visit to the petting zoo, we moved into the heated gym for balloon animals and various "fun stations".

We're slowly working on weaning back on that lovey...

Closer to Halloween, we received some awesome Halloween Happies from Easton's Gramma and Grandpa! Not only did they send East this wonderful book....

...but they also gifted us Easton's adorable Halloween costume! This year he was a SKUNK! And our lil' stinker couldn't have been cuter!

Easton's school had a Halloween party, and I'm so glad he had a chance to wear his costume since trick or treating was rained out :( 

The actual Halloween night ended up being the coldest and wettest day of the month, and we had to cancel our trick or treating plans. We put him back in his costume just to let him run around the house ,which he thoroughly enjoyed!

My next post is all about stuff we've been doing around the house! Hope to have it together soon!

Love y'all!


  1. Love the skunk costume! Also, I really think I would like that Cheekwood place...


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